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omggg my midterm is coming already! im so not ready for that ottoke?? :( i'll be on semi-hiatus again sighs...


lol i’m fucking done with sm’s bullshit

1.  RELEASE A STATEMENT ON JESSICA - I honestly really hope it was a hacker, but not seeing her with the other members is freaking me out. 

2.  Sehun changed his IG status to “L” then “EXO Saranghaja.”  And unfollowed all his hyungs.  Something is definitely up.

3.  Pictures of what looks like Luhan holding photos of Kris are circulating.  Jesus fucking christ what is going on??

3:55 pm | ♥ 98
- zelo
THIS! IS! NOT! LUHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


a weibo account posted these pictures:



somebody saw the pictures and reposted it on tumblr saying the person in the picture is non other than luhan himself.

however, that tumblr blogger conveniently missed the following text post made by the same weibo account:


which translates to:

everybody, i’m just an ordinary krislu fan. i’m a fangirl, i’m NOT luhan

i’m sorry if this bursts your little bubble of hope, but this fandom does not need fake hope like these. 

this is just a fangirl that so happens to look like luhan. she said so herself. so stop spreading / reblogging that posts that says it’s luhan in the picture because IT IS NOT! 

everybody in the chinese fandom knows it’s just a fangirl lookalike but here in the international fandom, people are spreading shit about it.

it just makes me real mad that people are throwing rumors all over the place without even investigating into the matter first. if you wanna earn notes for your post, at least have the decency to READ and VALIDATE what you’re going to post. stop being so convenient and irresponsible.